What is a Tickler System?

Tickler System

Learn what a tickler system is and why it's important.

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What is a Tickler System?

A Tickler System is a form of reminder system designed specifically for lawyers. A tickler system is designed to remind lawyers of certain dates, such as compliance deadlines or filing deadlines that, if missed, could severely prejudice a lawyer’s client.

One unique feature of a tickler system is a “bring forward date”. A bring forward date is a pre-determined time-period in advance of the actual deadline that is designed to bring forward to the lawyer’s attention the upcoming deadline to give the lawyer enough lead-time to complete the work to be done and remember the deadline.

When using entity management software be sure to use the tickler system in combination with the bring forward date so you are reminded of all important compliance, filing, renewal and expiry dates. A good bring forward system should allow you to set different bring forward time periods based on the type of reminder and allow you can receive the reminders by email.