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How to Manage Subsidiaries for Global Companies, the entity management platform trusted by global companies, is the only secure cloud-based software that centralizes minute books and data in one intuitive space, effectively making subsidiary management, share ownership and entity data easier to maintain than ever before.

Global organizations have related legal entities all around the world. What might appear as an individual company can have thousands of subsidiaries to manage in jurisdictions all across the globe.

Why does a single global conglomerate manage so many subsidiaries? Well, there are probably as many reasons as there are subsidiaries, but here are a few:

That's just a few of the reasons that a parent company may keep so many different legal entities. In practice, there are many more potential reasons for doing so. What is important to recognize is that subsidiary management is far more common than you might think. There are countless companies managing tens, hundreds, or thousands of legal entities. As such, it is essential for the corporate secretary, chief governance officer, or general counsel and his or her staff to have the adequate and appropriate software for managing subsidiary legal entities. For global companies, having flexible software is even more critical due to the vast array of needs different jurisdictions may have.

Managing one legal entity can be complicated enough with the amount of annual governance and other related filings that need to be managed. Now, imagine spreading that over 1000+ entities. Talk about tricky!

With so much subsidiary management compliance to look forward to for the entities you are managing, there are many reasons to seek good subsidiary management software:

Reasons to use global subsidiary management software:

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Migrating to MinuteBox made easy. Only MinuteBox offers concierge instant migration of data from all of the most common legal entity management platforms. Instantly migrate from legacy and on-premises solutions like ALF, Blueprint (Diligent Entities), Corporate Focus, Effacts, EnAct, EnGlobe, FastCompany (DoProcess), GlobalAct, GEMS, hCue and more. If required, our scanning services seamlessly digitize existing physical corporate records. Your onboarding specialist will offer ongoing training and resources to ensure your team is ready to supercharge their workflow. MinuteBox is the leading secure cloud for global entity management, used by top law firms and global companies for easy and modern entity management.

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Unparalleled cloud security. Only MinuteBox offers advanced end-to-end data security. The MinuteBox secure engine powers every aspect of the platform, from secure client sharing to the secure audit trail. Advanced security features include multi-factor authentication, SSO, biometric authentication, hardware key authentication and advanced administrative permissions. When it comes to client data, trust MinuteBox.