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Simple Company Compliance Calendars and Ticklers

Automatic bring-forward, compliance and tickler dates. No manual settings.
Unlimited calendars with advanced filters. Never miss a deadline.
Email reminders straight into your inbox. Only the notifications you want.
MinuteBox saves me hours everyday, letting me focus on getting more done.
Law Clerk, Ontario
Improve client happiness with automated compliance calendars, ticklers and date reminders
Take control of your client experience and improve efficiency by never missing compliance deadlines and dates.
Compliance Calendar
View dates for all entities
Quickly filter by entity
Show only certain date types like annual returns
Email Reminders
Straight to your inbox
Send to multiple colleagues
Custom bring-forward date
Tickler System
Link straight to the entity
See tickler by month
Quick fiter by date type
Find out how MinuteBox can help your company compliance tracking
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"MinuteBox is so easy to use and I was able to integrate it into my existing practice and workflow extremely easily. It has opened up a new revenue stream for my practice."

Philip V.

Toronto, Canada


"MinuteBox has been an essential tool in enabling our customer-first efficiency-driven business model."

Steve M.

Toronto, Canada


"Best of all, MinuteBox’ s customer service is exceptional! Wonderfully helpful and quick to respond."

Andrea W.

Newmarket, Ontario


Powerful Date Reports

Dynamic saved reports can be viewed within MinuteBox and are always up to date. Easy export to Word for sharing with colleagues and clients.

Save reports for next time
Dynamic reports update by themselves
Export to Word or CSV

Related Dates Picker

You never need to remember important dates like the Incorporation Date or Fiscal Year End when working with MinuteBox. The Related Dates Picker will always suggest relevant dates.

Available anywhere you are picking dates
See every related date for an entity
Reduce errors by selecting dates rather than typing

Date History

Quickly view all historical actions for an entity in one streamlined timeline view. Easily edit any past action or create new ones.

Automated date list from the entity
View historical chronology of relevant company changes
Easily create changes from any date in the chronology

Reliable, easy compliance calendars

Never miss important deadlines or dates

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Everything you need to get started with Legal Entity Management & Corporate Transparency Compliance

Everything you need to get started with Legal Entity Management & Corporate Transparency Compliance

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