Scanning and Digitization

Thousands of physical minute book binders sit on law firm shelves. They are expensive to store and a hassle to maintain.

MinuteBox is an end to end solution that begins with on-site scanning of a law firm's physical minute books. This approach better ensures the security and privacy of your clients’ information. Each scanned document is sorted, categorized and placed on the online MinuteBox platform, generating a virtual minute book that both law firms and clients can access.

Cloud-Based Minute Book Management

Using industry-leading artificial intelligence coupled with human oversight, key pieces of information are automatically extracted from scanned minute book documents, enabling law firms to access and generate the requisite documents (including government filings) instantly and error free.

All documents and signatures are electronic, so any changes or additions are instantly uploaded to the online electronic minute book.

Accessible Everywhere.

MinuteBox provides access to your firm's data on any device from anywhere in the world. Need access to a client's corporate records on the go? It's all at your fingertips to view, edit and share securely.

Enterprise Solutions

Infinitely Scalable

Whether you have 20 or 20,000 minute books in your office, we will scan your books on-site, saving you time and money.

World-Class Security

Security is a top priority. Constant rigorous testing of our system ensures client information is always safe and secure.

Eco Friendly

Creating digital paperless minute books is a great way to reduce a firm’s carbon footprint and keep our forests green.

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