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Minute Book Storage

Your minute book room. Now infinitely bigger.

The MinuteBox experience begins with a transformation of physical corporate records and minute book binders into sophisticated digital documents.

Already digital? Skip to the head of the line and easily upload your records to our platform. MinuteBox supports most data formats including those from the most commonly used entity management software.

We scan or you scan. It’s up to you.

Our team of scanning professionals will digitize your minute book collection with our on-site, state of the art and secure digitization process.

MinuteBox smartOCR.

Searching PDFs is just the beginning.

MinuteBox’s scanning professionals provide industry leading scanning services to help your firm or legal department transition to a modern workflow. With our enterprise grade scanners and top-tier scanning professionals we can transition your record book collection to the cloud efficiently, securely and with the highest quality standards.

All scanning is completed on-site and no records ever leave the four corners of your office. Our security process ensures that all data is protected from the moment our professionals begin the transformation process.

Cloudy with a chance of minute books.

Storage is just the beginning.

Experience the convenience, integrity and security of corporate records in the cloud.

Searching and bookmarking are just the beginning with digitized minute books on MinuteBox. We make organization, information retrieval and minute books review something you'll love.

Secure cloud storage means you can access your minute books from anywhere in the world.

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Minutes of Directors

Minutes of Shareholders

Special Resolutions

Directors' Register

Shareholders' Register

Officers' Register

Transfer Register

Shareholders' Ledger

Debt Obligations

Ownership Interests in Land

Forms Filed

Share Certificates

Shareholders' Agreement



certificate of incorporation for ace alice limited

Filter, Sort and Generate Reports

See and view all of your entities like never before with the MinuteBox entity view.

  • Ace Alice Limited

    July 31

    Dave Adam



  • Bob Bobby Enterprises

    June 30

    Gerald Bobson



  • Corey Curtis Inc.

    March 31

    Cal Casey



  • Danny Donuts Inc.

    August 31

    Bonn Bass



  • Edward Eeez Partnership

    October 30

    Richard Easle



  • Four Fore Inc.

    April 30

    Jake Peral



  • Harold Hutch Trust

    January 31

    Andrew Aiello



  • Igloo Icing Inc.

    May 31

    Bill Nichol



Features galore, and
so much more.

  • Minute books are accessible anytime and from anywhere

  • Industry-leading security

  • Quickly generate reports

  • Secure audit log

  • Unlimited users and teams

  • Granular user permissions

  • Search minute books for any word or phrase to quickly locate key data

  • Add bookmarks and notes

  • Easily share minute books

  • Save frequent searches

  • Track important dates and expiries

  • Access on desktop, tablet, or mobile

Minute Book Maintenence

You'll fall in love with entity management all over again.

Minute book maintenance has never been so easy – or fun. MinuteBox is the most advanced & most powerful cloud-based entity management tool.

From Toronto to Timbuktu, we have you covered.

Most of MinuteBox is jurisdiction agnostic. You can upload and maintain minute books for entities all over the world thanks to our custom fields and intelligent workflow options.

old style physical minute book resolution in binder
new style minute book resolution in binder

The MinuteBox Entity Information Summary.

See your entities. Like never before.

The MinuteBox Entity Information Summary is the most advanced view into corporate and entity records ever created. Our pre-built dynamic fields help you manage all the important information about your entities and with custom field support there's really no limit. Inside the Entity Information Summary you will love tracking expiry dates and easily managing even the most complicated share capital structures.

Entity Information


Entity Name

Fiscal Year End


Fiscal Year End

Registered Address


Address Title




Email, Name, Address


Email, Name, Address

Entity Information
Summary at a Glance

  • Quickly access all important entity information

  • Easily manage share capital

  • Issue, transfer, split share transactions

  • Authorize and track share classes

  • Easily amalgamate entities

  • Manage any entity type including REITs, Trusts and Co-Ops

  • Search Minute books for any word or phrase to quickly locate key data

  • Verify changes on the audit trail

  • Appoint directors and officers

  • Track PPSA, Land Registry and other expiries

  • Securely share with clients

  • Import from FastCo, Enact, Alf and more

Watch your corporate records come to life.

MinuteBox eliminates the gap between entity databases and document generation. With MinuteBox your minute books and corporate records become living documents that come to life with each change.

Entity Name


OntarioQuebecAlbertaDelawareNew York

Make the changes.

Never enter data twice. With a few clicks and the press of a few buttons, MinuteBox makes it easy to update your entities.

Generate the documents.

Automatically generate documents and forms based on changes made in the entity information summary. Then send for signature and return to the minute book.

Custom workflows give you endless possibilities.

Questions about MinuteBox? Contact us today.

Leave no stone unturned.

Be as confident in our security as we are.

At MinuteBox, our philosophy is to build tools and services that exceed industry standards and expectations. To us, security means keeping your data secure and accessible.

Visit our security page to learn more about our approach to data security, data integrity, and data accessibility.

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