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ISO 27001

Secure Client Collaboration for Entity Management

Secure share with clients, colleagues and counsel. No more email.
Set expiry links, view all recipients. Stay in control of your documents.
Real-time collaboration. See who else is viewing.
Improve client happiness with secure corporate record-sharing
Take control of your client experience and improve happiness with secure client-sharing and collaboration.
Secure Share
Share your entity management data with confidence.
Secure read-only access
Partial or full share
Share the entity database along with the minute book
Instant Collaboration
Collaborate with multiple users in real-time.
Real-time collaboration
Work with colleagues
Restrict access with ethical walls
External Sharing
Organize your collaborators into user teams.
Set access expiry date
View all individuals with access
Read-only portal
Find out how MinuteBox entity maintenance can help make your clients happier
Book a 30-minute demo session where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time and build amazing client experiences.
Hear from MinuteBox users about their collaboration experience

Secure Share

Secure share allows recipients to receive portal access to essential corporate and business records directly within MinuteBox. Stop sending PDFs via email.

Secure passwordless login. No account needed
See who has access. Remove access anytime
Share only what you want with granular share. Set automatic expiry

Collaborate with Colleagues

Real-time collaboration alerts you when other colleagues are also viewing the file. Secure audit trail lets you see who made every change.

Real-time notification showing who else is in the file
Secure audit trail tracks every change
Mark changes as draft until they are ready for prime time

File and Document Share

Share files and documents with your team and clients easily and securely with MinuteBox.

Share any type of file
Add expiry dates to links for temporary sharing
Share the entity database along with the minute book

The Most Secure Way to Share Minute Books

MinuteBox was built specifically for the sharing of minute books, with security and ease of use in mind.

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