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Pricing and support to meet your needs.

MinuteBox offers flexible and convenient pricing to meet the needs of all our clients. Please book a demo with our business development team help us understand your specific needs.

A price that suits your organization

Whether you are a law firm with 10,000 entities or an accounting firm with less than 20, we have a plan for you. Get up and running in minutes.




Perfect for

Small Firms, Growing Companies

Billed Anually

50+ entities

Perfect for

Medium Firms, General Counsel

Billed Anually

250+ entities

Perfect for

Large Firms, Global Enterprises

Billed Anually

1000+ entities

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Storage
Free Concierge Migration
Unlimited Phone Support
Unlimited Chat Support
Unlimited E-Mail Support
Unlimited Screen Share Support
In-Person Training
Online Training
Knowledge Base Training
Legal Entity Management
Client Management
Appoint & Manage Directors
Appoint & Manage Officers
Appoint & Manage Shareholders
Tax Transactions
Date Tracking
Beneficial Ownership Management
Support for C-Corp, LLC, LLP, REITs, Co-Operatives, Partnerships etc
Capital Management & Transactions
Authorize & Manage Share Classes
Issue & Manage Shares
Issue & Manage Dividends
Issue & Manage Options & Warrants
Covert, Split, Redeem, Revoke Shares etc
Create & Manage Certificates
Minute Book Storage
Unlimited PDF Storage
Digital Minute Book
AI Document Identification
Secure Document Search
Secure Document OCR
Secure Minute Book Sharing
Document Automation
Unlimited Documents
Office 365 Not Required
Easy Precedent Customization
Easy Collaboration
Integrated E-Signature
Easy Reports
Custom Reports
Dynamic Reports
Save Report as PDF or CSV
Migrate from FastCo
Migrate from EnAct
Migrate from GlobalAct
Migrate from hCue (CT Corp)
Migrate from Emergent
Migrate from Alf
Migrate from Blueprint (Diligent)
Migrate from Gems (Computershare)
Migrate from Corporate Focus (Shareworks)
Migrate from Excel
Data Portability
Export to CSV
Export to PDF
Export to JSON
No Platform Lock-in
Data Protection
Continuous Backup
Admin Permissions
Granular User Permissions
SSO Support
Biometric Authentication
Hardware Key Authentication
Anti-Phishing Design
Custom Service-Level Agreement