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Guide – How to Organize a Minute Book

Best practices for minute book organization including default tab and section suggestions

About this Guide

This guide provides a simple reusable template covering how to organize a minute book. Whether you are using physical minute books or digital, this guide covers the recommended minute book sections and tab pages.

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Guide – How to Organize a Minute Book

What You'll Learn in This Guide

This essential guide covers everything you need to know about organizing a minute book.

Good minute book organization starts with the sections and tabs used to organize corporate records in a minute book. There are many different styles and names for tabs in a minute book. Today, most law firms are switching to digital minute books that are organized with virtual tabs. The tabs shown in the below table are one example and will vary based on the jurisdiction and entity type For exameple, a Federal corporation in Canada will have different minute book sections than a Trust in Quebec. Many firms use different coloured tabs for different sections.

When working with cloud-based minute books it is preferable to use branded tab pages. The color of the tabs is not as important given that information in a digital minute book can be found easily with search, bookmarks and virtual tabs. For digital minute books you should use custom-branded tabs that represent the brand of your firm or company. You can also find custom-designed tabs and stationery on the MinuteBox App Store.

In this guide you'll learn the following

  • How to organize a minute book
  • Suggested default sections for a corporate minute book
  • What documents go in each minute book tab

Not Legal Advice: All content presented herein is for informational and demonstration purposes only. Nothing should be construed as legal advice. Do not act upon any information presented without seeking professional counsel!

Step A

File the signed documents in the Minute Book as follows:

Tab in Minute Book Documents
Charter Documents or Articles Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation
By-Laws By-Laws
Shareholder Agreements or Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Sole Shareholder Declaration or Unanimous Shareholder Agreement - if applicable
Forms Filed Copy of Form 6 – Changes Regarding Directors – if one is filed (with copy of the receipt for e-filing)

Form 2 - Initial Registered Office Address and First Board of Directors (with copy of the receipt for e-filing)
Register of Directors Register of Directors
Securities Register Securities Register
Extraprovincial Registrations Extraprovincial Registration documents
Shareholders Minutes Shareholders Resolutions with the following attached – if applicable:
  • Resignation of Director(s)
  • Consent to Act as Director
Financial Statements Current financial statements (if required to be filed in the Minute Book)
Directors Minutes First Directors Resolutions with the following attached – if applicable:
  • Subscriptions for Shares
  • Confirmation of Payment
Documents Approved by Directors Registered Office Agreement – if applicable
Share Certificates Share Certificates. Note: You may also keep the share certificate specimen and any cancelled shared in this tab.

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