What is document assembly?

Document Assembly

Learn what document assembly is and why it's important. And get our free document assembly sample template!

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What is Document Assembly?

Document Assembly is a form of document automation used to batch produce large subsets of documents from instructions and database information instead of manually constructing the documents.

Document Assembly is useful for documents that need to be produced in large quantity based on slightly different information or documents that need to be produced constantly.

Legal Document Assembly is commonly used in corporate governance and entity management because most of the documents that need to be produced for corporations are highly standardized and the time spent creating them is usually dedicated to repetitive tasks that can be automated.

For example, if you have a database that tracks hundreds of companies and understands the rules of operation of the company (as setout but the by-laws and resolutions), document assembly can do more than simply merge information fields into the document. It can intelligently make sure to insert proper, validated information in the document assembly process.

Typically, once a document is created with a document assembly program it can be sent off for secure electronic signature.