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5 Powerful Business Benefits Of Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage of important corporate records is one of the most convenient and efficient methods to store all of that data. It reduces the need for physical records and the storage space necessary to maintain all of those files. It’s also a far more secure method to preserve important client information as there’s no risk that an important minute book file may be lost or misplaced.

Now, every piece of technology has its pros and its cons. But it’s the benefits of secure cloud storage that ultimately make a difference in the day to day of working professionals. For that reason, let’s take a look at five of the most important benefits provided by secure cloud storage software. We’ll outline each of those advantages and how they ultimately make the lives of people who use the technology much easier.

1. Secure cloud storage is user friendly and easy to access

Without question, this is one of the most important benefits of secure cloud storage. The ease of use and ability to access important information from anywhere with an internet connection makes it more convenient for business leaders and their legal representatives to sort, review, finalize, and approve of minute book records all in a matter of moments.

How it works is very similar to the Google Drive experience. Most professionals are familiar with GSuite platforms; you simply upload your files into Google’s secure cloud-based storage and you can access them at your own convenience.

Entity management platforms are very similar. Using state of the art, on-site enterprise grade scanners, you can digitize your entire minute book collection and have access to those records anywhere in the world. It’s a more convenient and user-friendly way to manage important legal documents and maintain professional interpersonal relationships with your clients.

2. Advanced security protects all confidential information

Your minute books may be in the cloud, but they’ll be protected by the most sophisticated security parameters available. Once uploaded to your entity management platform, biometric and hardware key authentications are necessary to access the account to view the files. And the best part of this solution? There’s no coding skills necessary to make the platform work for your needs, creating a streamlined and efficient approach to secure minute book management.

Entity management software like MinuteBox is built using the most advanced cybersecurity measures developed to date. It’s part of an overarching commitment to maintain the highest standards of data security, data integrity, and data accessibility. Client data deserves secure protection, and that’s what these platforms provide in one centralized location.

3. Secure cloud storage is more cost efficient

Any time that a business can demonstrate how a key piece of software actually reduces other costs builds its case for more investments in cloud-based solutions. When using secure cloud storage, the cost effectiveness of the platform is measured in three key ways.

Save money on office space

You need office space to properly store physical binders of minute book records. By digitizing those records, you eliminate the need for that extra office space. Instead, you could reallocate the money that would be spent for additional storage on hiring more support staff to further grow the business. On the flip side, you could downgrade your entire office and save more money on rent and other overhead costs.

Get rid of those expensive filing cabinets

Without the need for physical records on-site at the office, you can reduce the number of filing cabinets maintained within the workplace. Have you ever thought about how much filing cabinets actually cost your business? Believe it or not, it costs, on average, as much as $2,000 for one five drawer filing cabinet.

Suppose you have a large portfolio of clients that each have multiple minute book binders and records to maintain. Suddenly, your office space is overflowing with filing cabinets that cost thousands of dollars apiece. Why continue incurring those costs when there’s no need to do so?

Earn back more time for billable hours

The best way to measure the cost effectiveness of digitized minute book records is the amount of time given back to your paralegal professionals. Rather than spend several hours of each day combing through binders of physical documents, your paralegals could find answers to pertinent client questions in minutes with advanced search capabilities in your entity management platform.

All of a sudden, your paralegals have hours upon hours of time back that can be used in a more productive manner to grow the interests of the firm. If you can prove that more members of your team are actively contributing to the growth of Legal Recurring Revenue for the business, your investment in secure cloud storage will pay off in spades.

4. Client file sharing is easy and efficient

Imagine a scenario where two firms have clients asking to review or certify information in their minute book records. One firm uses physical minute book binders to organize client documents, and the other firm has digitized the process. It could take several hours to go through all of the physical records to find the one file that the client asks about. The digitized process can find that file and share it with the client within minutes.

It’s so easy to share important legal information using secure cloud storage that clients no longer have to wait for answers to their important enquiries. In those two scenarios, which client do you think is the more satisfied and likely to retain their business with the firm? The faster that you can provide quality service, the more satisfied your clients will be.

5. Secure cloud storage improves workflow automation

It’s not just the ability to share files with clients that gets easier through secure cloud storage. Your entire workflow becomes more automated, more efficient, and more effective. Plus, you can make traditional boring or mundane legal tasks more fun again.

Make the entire process more fulfilling for your legal professionals. Your team will spend less time on unrecoverable legal work and more time providing value to clients. This could even become a key competitive advantage to attract and retain the greatest professional talent in the marketplace, which will further help grow your firm to new heights.

Are you ready to make secure cloud storage central to your organization? Join the MinuteBox revolution so that your team can modernize entity management, improve workflow efficiencies, and help deliver even greater value to your clients.