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How Cloud-Based Entity Platforms Can Attract Quality Talent

How Cloud-Based Entity Platforms Can Attract Quality Talent

Let’s say you manage a law firm. Business is booming so much that the needs of the legal team outpace the amount of resources your existing team can provide. That means it’s time to expand the size of your office with new lawyers and paralegals.

The skills and job description of a law clerk are fairly consistent from firm to firm, and lawyers are on the job to analyze, administer, and utilize legal files on behalf of their clients. Experienced lawyers and law clerks are motivated to work for firms where they can make the most effective use of their time. One of the ways your firm can stand out is through the technology used by your team of paralegals to simplify their day to day tasks. Young, upstart professionals eager to take on the world are far more attracted to modernized firms that utilize digital, centralized solutions.

Trained lawyers and clerks are motivated, go-getting and they want to make a difference for their firms. They recognize the value in spending more time on tasks that can help grow the firm and generate fresh revenue to expand the business.

Since this is the mindset of passionate professionals, what will make your company attractive to eager hires? Firms that believe in and practice innovative solutions are in prime positions to recruit the next generation of quality legal talent. Young upstarts are familiar with how technology automates many rudimentary tasks, and they’re eager to manage more of their own tasks with the assistance of platforms like cloud-based entity management solutions.

Make it easier to share minute books

Motivated lawyers and paralegals all understand that time is money. They want to execute tasks as efficiently as possible. This includes the process of sharing minute books and chasing down the appropriate party for a signature to help move files along.

Show the next recruit of talent that your firm is a leading innovator when it comes to entity management technology. Use a platform that makes it easy to share entire minute books or gives you the ability to restrict access to particular pages. You’ll have faster, better organized and more secure legal transactions that will help your team complete their tasks more efficiently. They can rededicate more of their own time towards the tasks that are most likely to boost revenue for the firm.

Solve the “single key holder problem”

One of the biggest struggles for any firm is finding the right information at the appropriate times. In many cases, one person is designated as the single key holder or the gatekeeper to many of the firm’s records.

For an upstart legal professional, this way of doing things is not efficient and is deemed unproductive. Using cloud-based entity management platforms, you can solve this problem by hosting all minute books and company recordsin a secure cloud-based database. Anyone with access to the platform can simply go in and pull out the appropriate files to send off on an as needed basis. This helps your team make better use of their own time, which is a very attractive selling point if you want to hire the next generation of talent to your team.

Dedicate more of your team’s time towards billable hours

A 2018 poll of Canadian law firms found that 40 percent of respondents believe that blended or hybrid law clerk/legal assistant positions had become “somewhat more common” in the two preceding years. Another 12 percent of participants anticipated those types of jobs would become even more important over the following two years.

Why is this an important trend? Paralegals have the skills and training to perform many of the tasks that might otherwise be assigned to a legal professional. You can assign billable hours for any work the respective clerk completes for your client’s case, but at a lower rate than a lawyer’s time would be billed, creating benefits for your clients.

It means law clerks can perform valuable work and earn money for your firm. At the same time, you’re not overloading expensive billable hours to your client for fixed fee or routine work. This means you can get the tasks done, earn some money for the effort, and still provide more value-added services to help your clients’ needs.

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