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How To Get Back More Of Your Time Using Legal Technology

Time is money; isn’t that the old saying? The more time spent on menial, often repetitive tasks, the less time you have for big picture solutions that help grow your business. If limited time and legal paperwork are impacting your ability to deliver results, that’s a problem. Thankfully, there are solutions.

In the legal space, time is a valuable luxury that’s often in very short supply. According to a legal billing trends report, the average law clerk spends up to 48 percent of their workdays on administrative tasks. These tasks include things like office administration, generating bills, documenting minutes, licensing and even continuing education. The report also found that 41 percent of legal professionals would dedicate more time to business development if they had it to spare.

Promote a more collaborative work environment

Disorganization is a bane of legal professionals’ existences. A disorganized office space with files spread out across desktops, in Google Drive, and even in physical binders does not promote a productive or collaborative work environment.

But what if you had the option to centralize all of those files in one convenient and easy-to-access location? The benefit of using secure cloud-based software is that it hosts all of your files so you don’t need to pull your hair out searching for them across many different spaces. Plus, your minutes and all relevant documents are searchable, sortable, and shareable with everyone who has access to the platform, which you’re able to limit with user-based permissions.

In the end, this saves you an abundance of time looking for your paperwork. More importantly, you can easily find and send files to fellow clerks, the lawyers leading the file and even the clients themselves to verify the contents of the information. It’s more collaborative and fosters a more productive working day.

Create the ability to streamline completion of daily tasks

Part of the job requirements of a law clerk are to manage the creation, filing, and oversight of legal paperwork. This includes regular tasks such as drafting documents, chasing people down for signatures on those documents or drafting complex paperwork to formalize legal transactions. In some cases, you need to be familiar with digital coding languages like javascript, CSS, Python, C++, or syntax in order to complete these tasks. Add it all up, and it’s no wonder that nearly half of a paralegal’s workday is tied up in administrative tasks. Rather than continue with the old ways of doing things, you could provide your team with a solution-oriented interface that streamlines all of these processes.

You could use platforms with built-in templates that require no coding to generate documents. They also allow you to easily send e-files to recipients for quick signatures. Ultimately, this streamlines nearly half of a law clerk’s daily tasks, allowing an entire legal team to devote more time and resources towards big picture solutions to help grow the business.

Sharing is caring, so why not make it easier?

Sharing files with both internal and external parties is a delicate task, especially if those files are haphazardly thrown around without proper security. Suppose the files contain sensitive information such as a client’s banking details or their social insurance number.

Instead of risking an unsecure file being passed around online, you could use secure easy-share links created within a cloud-based entity management platform. The sender of these files can dictate what information is relevant to the recipient, and what information should remain confidential. This ensures that all files are shared in a secure and efficient manner that guarantees transparency while still promoting a client’s right to privacy.

All of these suggestions are meant to help you see a path towards more viable solutions. If you find you’re losing more of your own time in repetitive tasks that don’t contribute to revenue or growth, you might be thinking that there has to be a better way. Now, there is one.

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