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How to Securely Share Minute Books and Corporate Records, the entity management platform trusted by lawyers, is the only secure cloud-based system that makes sharing minute books, corporate records and entity data easier than ever.

Sharing legal documents for corporate law is a constant pain point for lawyers, law clerks and law firms. Client satisfaction is paramount, and when clients come calling they expect immediate answers and responses. As every corporate legal professional will attest, perhaps one of the most frequent corporate law client calls is simply to inquire about some minute book information.

Here are just some of the questions a corporate law clerk or lawyer can expect to hear from clients in any given day:

And if you're working on annual compliance or in the middle of a transaction, you're all but certain to get the same or an additional set of questions from counsel representing the other parties to a transaction or the accountant or the auditing corporation of your client.

So, how do you share a minute book with a client?

Sharing a minute book


The most common way to share a minute book is by courier. Here are the usual steps:

Another way to share a minute book other than by courier is to send it by email. To send a minute book by email, simply follow these steps (note, we are assuming you have already located the minute book using the first step above):

Manage your shared minute books with

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