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A Helpful Walkthrough on How to Digitize Minute Books

There are many business benefits derived from digitizing your company minute books and corporate records. Centralizing all company records in one convenient location makes storage, data oversight, and entity management easier for your team than ever before.

Entity management software allows you to digitize your entire roster of minute books. By scanning your recorded documents, you can upload your entire portfolio of minute books into a cloud-based platform that functions as a centralized hub for all of your legal entities.

Benefits of digitizing your minute book records

When you digitize your minute books, you demonstrate to clients and legal professionals alike that your business is a firm that embraces innovation. Not only does this create an impressionable brand identity for prospective clients, you can even leverage this commitment to help attract high quality talent to join your organization. Today’s professionals are excited by the potential of innovative solutions so use your investment wisely to attract more talent.

Your team will also benefit from the platform’s capabilities in many other ways, including:

  • Cost savings on overhead office expenditures. Since you’re storing fewer physical minute book records, you can reduce the number of filing cabinets in your office space and convert the financial and space saving perks of that decision into other benefits for the firm. Plus, you have the convenience of one central hub with infinite storage space.

  • Faster and convenient ways to find important records. Over three quarters of surveyed business owners say they want access to important files from remote locations. Entity management software allows all parties to access official minute book records anywhere with the ability to unearth specific files in a matter of seconds.

  • Backup of important files offers failsafe protection. There’s always the risk that physical minute book records could be lost or misplaced. When you digitize minute books, the platform has built-in backup capabilities to ensure all files remain accessible, organized, and ready for use at any given moment.

  • Higher ratio of satisfied clients that help boost referrals. Word of mouth and referral business are two of the most cost effective ways to generate growth for your firm. When you give existing clients the answers they need in time efficient ways, they’re far more likely to recommend friends or fellow entities to your organization. This could be a great way to invest in the growth of your business without the expensive nature of aggressive advertising campaigns.

How to digitize minute books with entity management software

When using entity or subsidiary management software like MinuteBox, you’ve made a commitment to transform your physical minute book records into sophisticated digital legal documents. Now, you need to know how to go about completing that process.

To help with that, here is a brief overview of what that uploading process will look like for your business. By following these steps, you can digitize your minute books and start earning those previously mentioned benefits for the further growth and development of your own business.

Create an organizational hierarchy for all minute book records

Before the uploading process gets underway, create a structured outline for how to incorporate the software with your existing documentation process.

How will you share important data from the platform?

In most cases, there’s a limited number of people who require access to the pertinent legal information in your account. Your internal team of legal professionals and paralegal experts will oversee the records in the account. Additionally, your clients, specifically key points of contact, should have access at their convenience.

In what way will you store and organize minute books within the platform?

You can decide how to centralize your minute books in the cloud. In what way should information be sorted as you organize and standardize your uploading process? Are there particular records that deserve more prominent positions within your hierarchy of minute books? Decide what is the best approach to upload all of your information and stick to that process as more records are uploaded into the platform.

Which metrics will quantify the value of the software when reporting on results?

Measurement of success is always vital when evaluating the merits of a new piece of software. Decide how you’ll measure success. Is it strictly through cost savings, or will you quantify the time and resources saved by the convenience of centralizing all your minute books to calculate the value? Select those key metrics and analyze the results to report on the overall success of your venture into the cloud.

What do you hope to achieve as an organization by using the platform?

Know your goals: that’s imperative to any decision and means of defining success. How can the platform help you fulfill your goals and make you look like a hero to your superiors in the business? If you know what you’re trying to achieve before setting out to make the effort, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of the technology and report on it appropriately.

Are there any product features (i.e. additional security, convenient workflows, customer service) that can improve your experience with the platform?

Finally, you should know what product capabilities are most appealing to your business needs. Can the platform do everything it’s advertised to deliver, and what are the features that make your work life easier? Make sure you learn about the intricacies of the platform during the discovery process. This will make it far easier for you to quantify success.

Establish an upload checklist to inventory all existing minute books

It’s easy for physical minute book documents to be lost or misplaced. When undertaking the process to digitize minute books into your entity management account, create a checklist of accountability to ensure records are not lost during the uploading process.

Outline who will be involved in the digitization process, and at what stage their involvement will commence and/or be complete. This way, you have a formal trail that highlights where, how, and with whom each corporate record is overseen as you complete the process to digitize minute books. It keeps all parties accountable and ensures no files are lost as you complete the journey from paper to digital minute book records.

Begin the scanning process to upload minute books into the platform

The actual scanning of minute book records could be completed by your internal legal team or with the assistance of MinuteBox’s team of scanning professionals. The process can be completed on-site at your office and at your own team’s convenience.

Using MinuteBox’s smartOCR, a state of the art and secure digitization process, all minute book records are scanned into the platform and organized based on your mapped out structured requirements. This ensures your company transitions to a modern and innovative workflow that securely and efficiently manages all records with the highest quality standards.

One of the best parts about the MinuteBox process is that, yes, you do have the option to complete the uploading, sorting, and organizing process yourself. However, we have a team of experts who can take the lead on your behalf to complete the work. It’s very likely that the MinuteBox team can finish the uploads faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

Easily review all records with MinuteBox’s entity information summary

Functioning as a built-in dashboard for all legal entities, the MinuteBox entity information summary is the most advanced overhead view into all corporate and entity records in your account. Using pre-built dynamic fields to search and sort through all of your entities, you can customize how records appear in your entity information summary to manage even the most complex corporate records with speed and convenience.

Are you ready to digitize minute books and help your company become more legally innovative? Join the MinuteBox revolution so that you can upload all minute books and corporate records into one secure cloud-based platform for easier file storage, faster data management, and improved interpersonal client relationships.