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Fear of failure - Life in legal tech startup trenches

You’re in bed in a cold sweat. You’ve been tossing and turning for hours. It’s 4:15am and you reason that if you fall asleep right now, at least you’ll get a few hours of quality shut-eye. But you know it’s in vain. It hasn’t happened for months; why is tonight any different?

It’s not.

You’ve slogged for years with your team, navigating the waters of incorporation, team building, engineering and business development. You’re trying to build a company based-off an idea in the legal space.

You’ve spent years studying in law school and several more learning the profession as a lawyer. You had money in your account and a steady paycheck. You had respect from your peers, your family and other professionals. You had a beautiful office in a gorgeous tower overlooking the city. You had certainty and predictability. You had access to the good life…

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