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MinuteBox announces enhanced cloud security support.

security-whitepaper TORONTO, Canada –– MinuteBox, a cloud-based corporate record, minute book and legal entity management platform, announced today support for WebAuthn, a new World Wide Web Consortium global standard for secure authentication.

The WebAuthn standard makes it easy for MinuteBox to offer users a choice of secure authentication methods into its platform, including support for hardware security keys and built-in biometric sensors such as Apple TouchID and Microsoft Windows Hello.

The company says this new authentication standard offers far greater security than legal technology platforms that only offer two-factor or password only authentication.

“Although SMS-based two-factor authentication can add additional layers of security, it can easily be spoofed. This type of security threat is quickly becoming popular amongst cyber criminals,” said Brian Hunt, incoming MinuteBox CTO. “We believe that law firms moving to cloud solutions should use hardware or biometric key authentication to ensure they can keep private client data secure.”

According to a security report by the website TechRadar, law firms in the United Kingdom have had over 800,000 emails and associated passwords leaked to the dark web. Authenticators enabled by WebAuthn, including security keys and built-in platform biometric sensors allow for more secure and password-less authentication, removing the risks associated with these sorts of cyberthreats.

MinuteBox supports only the more secure second factor approach, which involves using an authentication app installed and verified on a mobile phone. “Today we are again raising the bar for legal technology cybersecurity by announcing support for WebAuthn, which allows users to authenticate on our system using their choice of a biometric or hardware key,” said Hunt. This means that users can now login to MinuteBox from anywhere in the world using their thumbprint, facial recognition or a FIDO hardware key.

“Many legal technology companies believe that two-factor authentication and encryption at rest and in transit are sufficient,” said MinuteBox co-founder Daniel Levine. “We believe that’s just the starting point.”

Earlier this year, MinuteBox released its comprehensive Security White Paper, which offers over 30 pages of information about MinuteBox’s advanced security practices, recommended best practices and a comprehensive self-help guide to performing a legal cloud-technology security audit. Along with the release of the Security White Paper, MinuteBox also released a suite of tools to assist its clients in performing the initial steps of a cloud-technology security audit.

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