MinuteBox announces new entity management solution for law firms and legal departments; Offers concierge migration from existing platforms. | MinuteBox Cloud Entity Management

MinuteBox announces new entity management solution for law firms and legal departments; Offers concierge migration from existing platforms.

TORONTO, Canada –– MinuteBox, a cloud-based corporate record, minute book and legal entity management platform, announced today a new suite of legal entity management tools to compliment its existing online minute book management platform.

“With our new and comprehensive entity management platform, law firms, legal departments and accounting firms now have a central and secure place in the cloud for corporate records, minute books and the associated data that describes the entities they manage,” said Daniel Levine, co-founder of MinuteBox. “We believe our new share capital manager is the most advanced and robust share capital manager in the world.”

The company says that its new legal entity information database can store entity information for corporations, trusts, REITs, not-for-profits, co-operatives, professional corporations and many other entity types across hundreds of jurisdictions. It can also track and maintain over 50 different types of information including incorporation date, fiscal year end date, officers, directors, share and unit holders, land registrations and much more.

“We’ve taken a completely novel approach to our share capital manager and we’re extremely proud of our invention. Although it is extremely simple from a user perspective, under the hood it is a marvel of technology,” said Levine. “While we believe the new capital manager puts us at least two years ahead of any competition, we’ll nonetheless be patenting our underlying infrastructure.”

In addition to the new entity management features, MinuteBox has announced Concierge Migration, a program to assist customers in migrating from older, legacy or on-premise platforms to its modern and secure cloud platform.

“If you’re using one of the older tools that have been around since the days of DOS or Windows 95, rest-assured, we can easily and quickly migrate you over to our modern and secure cloud-based infrastructure,” said Steven Pulver, MinuteBox co-founder and its head of customer experience. “Whereas some legal entity management platforms can take up to three years to complete a comprehensive migration, with Concierge Migration, clients can transition to MinuteBox in seconds.”

For law firms that still store physical minute books, MinuteBox also offers a minute book digitization service, which will securely scan minute books on-site at law-firm offices.

“We believe we offer the fastest, securest and highest quality minute book scanning and digitization service, ensuring the transition from physical to digital is seamless and painless,” said MinuteBox co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Bernstein. “Using a combination of proprietary scanning technology, succinct processes and artificial intelligence, we can scan and automatically categorize minute book documents with incredible efficiency and accuracy.”

MinuteBox says it will soon release a comprehensive list of software from which it can easily migrate data. Starting today, customers that are interested in Concierge Migration can visit MinuteBox.com to obtain a personalized migration plan.

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MinuteBox is a leader in the development of technologies that help law firms, accounting firms and legal departments manage corporate records and minute books. MinuteBox is a leader in the cybersecurity of legal technology. The company serves clients throughout Canada and the United States.

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