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Don’t be like FTX–Learn the Lessons of Corporate Compliance

The Collapse of FTX and the Importance of Corporate Compliance

About this Whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses the collapse of cryptocurrency firm FTX and the importance of corporate compliance and transparent accountability. It highlights the role of corporate compliance in protecting corporate assets, ensuring financial transparency, and complying with state or federal laws. It also explores how entity management software can help companies avoid making the same mistakes as FTX and ensure compliance.

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Don’t be like FTX–Learn the Lessons of Corporate Compliance

What You'll Learn in This Whitepaper

The FTX case serves as a cautionary tale for businesses about the dangers of ignoring corporate compliance. The lack of proper internal checks and balances allowed FTX managers to secretly move capital without corporate transparency or accountability, leading to the company's collapse and substantial civil and criminal charges for its founder.

Corporate compliance helps businesses manage their affairs by implementing structured organizational charts, diligent financial statements, cap tables documenting corporate equity, detailed corporate minute books, financial statements for all business transactions, and shareholder ledgers tracking the issuance and transfer of all corporate shares. This system of checks and balances protects corporate assets and ensures proper financial transparency is reported to regulatory authorities, mitigating the risk of hefty penalties such as expensive fines, extensive lawsuits, and sullied corporate reputations.

Interestingly, only 47% of Corporate Compliance Officers (CCOs) admit to using a reporting system that’s integrated with all areas of the business. Implementing proactive measures to ensure compliance can save companies untold costs over the long term. This is where entity management software comes in - it can assist corporations with structuring their entities and tracking all transactions in the form of meticulous digital minute book management, making it easier to maintain proper records and ensure compliance.

This whitepaper explores the FTX collapse in detail, highlights the importance of corporate compliance, and discusses how entity management software can help businesses avoid making the same mistakes. By implementing a system of checks and balances, companies can protect their assets, accurately report their finances, and comply with state or federal laws. Download the whitepaper now to learn more.

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Don’t be like FTX–Learn the Lessons of Corporate Compliance

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