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SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001

Enterprise-Ready Entity Management with MinuteBox

Advanced Security Features
Customizable Settings for Every User
Firm-Wide Administrator Settings
Streamline enterprise administration with MinuteBox
Take control of your entity management with our enterprise-ready features, including audit view, multifactor authentication, and global settings.
Audit View
Stay informed and in control with our audit view feature.
View all changes to your entities
Keep track of all updates
Ensure accountability and transparency
Multifactor Authentication
Improve security with our multifactor authentication feature.
Require multiple forms of authentication
Strengthen security measures
Protect sensitive information
Bulk Export
Easily manage your data with our bulk export feature.
Export data in multiple formats
Save time and effort
Improve organization and accessibility
See how MinuteBox can help streamline your Entity Management with Enterprise Administration
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Session Timeout

Keep your account secure with our session timeout feature.

Automatically log out after a set time
Improve security with automatic timeouts
Customize timeout settings for your organization

Private Cloud Backup

Keep your data secure with our private cloud backup solution.

Store your data with your own custody and keys
Ensure data privacy with secure storage
Rely on our scalable and reliable backup solution

Ethical Walls

Ensure data privacy with our ethical wall feature.

Limit access to sensitive data
Improve compliance with ethical wall enforcement
Customize ethical wall settings for your organization

Enterprise-Ready Administration Features

MinuteBox is the leading enterprise-ready entity management software, with features like audit view, multifactor authentication, mandatory MFA enforcement, bulk export, private cloud backup with your own custody/keys, session timeout, ethical walls, and global settings.

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