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Accessible Platform for Everyone

Bilingual interface in English and French
Dark mode for visual impairments or preference
Robust display zoom for easier reading and interaction
Accessible platform for everyone
MinuteBox is committed to making our platform accessible to everyone, regardless of language or ability. With features like bilingual support, dark mode, and display zoom, we are constantly working to improve the user experience for all users.
Bilingual Interface
Access the platform in both English and French with our bilingual interface.
Switch between English and French
Easy to use for users in both official languages of Canada
Improved user experience for bilingual users
Dark Mode
Switch to dark mode for a visual impairment or personal preference.
Reduce eye strain in low light conditions
Improved experience for visually impaired users
Personalized experience with dark mode option
Display Zoom
Easily adjust the display zoom to make reading and interaction easier.
Zoom in and out for easier reading
Improved experience for visually impaired users
Customizable zoom options for individual preferences
Hear from satisfied customers about our accessibility features

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