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MinuteBox is "Revolutionary" for Torkin Manes

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Practice Type

Corporate Law

Legal Need

Efficient and quick entity management.

Efficiency Gains

Transition from a slow, archaic platform to a quick and seamless one.


Torkin Manes is a law firm specializing in corporate law, focused on providing streamlined and efficient legal services.


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Torkin Manes aims to save time and money for their clients by leveraging efficient technology for entity management.

Why Efficiency-Driven Firms Like Torkin Manes Choose MinuteBox

Torkin Manes specializes in corporate law, offering streamlined and efficient legal services. Amanda Innes, a senior corporate law clerk, talks about how MinuteBox has been revolutionary for their operations.

“MinuteBox has made our lives so much easier. Everything can be done from one platform. We’re not jumping from one thing to the other.”

Before MinuteBox, Torkin Manes was using another entity management system for almost a decade. The transition to MinuteBox has brought about significant efficiency gains, including the ability to enter a MinuteBook in just five minutes.

“The customer service is amazing, and the corporate charts feature is a game-changer. Our lawyers appreciate it, and it’s a great feature.”

MinuteBox’s features like corporate charts and a unified interface for various tasks have enabled Torkin Manes to save not only time but also money for their clients.

“MinuteBox is revolutionary right now and going forward. I have never seen something like it.”

The experience from start to finish has been seamless, further emphasizing the revolutionary aspect of MinuteBox in the realm of entity management.

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MinuteBox is revolutionary. Entering in a MinuteBook now can take me five minutes, whereas before it could have taken an hour at least.

Amanda Innes

Senior Corporate Law Clerk, Torkin Manes