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MinuteBox is "All-Inclusive" for Orlando Corporation

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Practice Type

In-House Legal Team

Legal Need

Unified system for document preparation, signatures, and filing.

Efficiency Gains

Transition from a dual-entry system to an all-inclusive one.


Orlando Corporation is a corporate entity with an in-house legal team, focused on efficiency and streamlined operations.


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Orlando Corporation aims for an all-inclusive, efficient approach to legal operations.

Why In-House Legal Teams Like Orlando Corporation Choose MinuteBox

Orlando Corporation focuses on streamlined legal operations with their in-house team. Sandy Gardiner, a corporate law clerk, speaks highly of MinuteBox as an all-inclusive solution.

“MinuteBox stands out because of their customer service. They’re always looking to improve.”

Before MinuteBox, Orlando Corporation was using another software that required dual entries for each operation, making it time-consuming. With MinuteBox, they have a single, unified system that takes care of everything from document preparation to filing.

“I particularly appreciate the bulk change feature. It’s very efficient for an in-house legal team with frequent cross-company changes.”

MinuteBox’s bulk change feature has been particularly beneficial for Orlando Corporation, given their in-house setting and the frequent changes they need to make across various companies.

“MinuteBox is a game changer. The customer service is top-notch and we get our answers right away.”

The customer service and the efficiency gains have made MinuteBox an invaluable tool for Orlando Corporation, reinforcing its reputation as a game changer in the field.

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MinuteBox is all-inclusive and eliminates the need for dual-entry systems. It's a game changer.

Sandy Gardiner

Corporate Law Clerk, Orlando Corporation