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MinuteBox is "A True Partnership" for McMillan LLP

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Practice Type

Corporate Services

Legal Need

One-stop-shop for entity management and corporate resources.

Efficiency Gains

Transition to a unified, user-friendly platform.


McMillan LLP specializes in corporate services, offering a comprehensive range of legal solutions.


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McMillan LLP aims to maintain firm standards and consistency while enabling internal and external access to key corporate information.

How McMillan LLP Found a True Partnership with MinuteBox

McMillan LLP specializes in providing a wide range of corporate services. Susan Dhillon, the National Manager of Corporate Services, describes her experience with MinuteBox as a true partnership.

“MinuteBox has been fabulous to deal with, right from our initial meeting. I feel supported in every single way.”

Before MinuteBox, McMillan LLP was using another entity management platform. The transition to MinuteBox allowed them to maintain firm standards while providing a unified platform for all users.

“MinuteBox understands the way law firms work and ensures consistency in a corporate database.”

MinuteBox serves as a one-stop-shop for the McMillan team, enabling them to track corporate information, produce documents, circulate reports, and much more. It even allows web filing with certain government registries directly from the platform.

“The system is very easy to use and all documents are searchable and shareable. It provides access to key corporate resources such as guides, forms, and precedents.”

The usability and comprehensive features of MinuteBox make it an ideal choice for McMillan LLP, aligning well with their focus on consistency and efficiency in corporate services.

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MinuteBox is a one-stop-shop for my entire team. It eliminates the need to maintain secondary sites and allows web filing right from MinuteBox.

Susan Dhillon

National Manager of Corporate Services, McMillan LLP