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MinuteBox is "Definitely a Game Changer" for Loopstra Nixon LLP

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Practice Type

Corporate Commercial Law

Legal Need

Cloud-based entity management and corporate compliance.

Efficiency Gains

Transition from manual data entry to cloud-based system.


Loopstra Nixon LLP specializes in corporate commercial law, offering efficient and reliable legal services.


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Loopstra Nixon LLP is committed to providing a streamlined approach to corporate commercial law, with a focus on efficiency and reliability.

See Why Corporate Commercial Law Firms Like Loopstra Nixon LLP Choose MinuteBox

Loopstra Nixon LLP is a specialized firm in corporate commercial law, focused on providing efficient and reliable legal services. Ana Rosa Da Ponte, a corporate commercial law clerk at the firm, shares how MinuteBox has transformed her work life.

“MinuteBox has made my life easier and less stressful. I can work remotely and access the information that I need when I need it.”

Before adopting MinuteBox, the team at Loopstra Nixon LLP was managing entities manually or using other software solutions. MinuteBox provided them with a centralized entity management database, simplifying the process and allowing for remote work.

“MinuteBox stands out in the aspect of their customer service. They go to great lengths to get to know me, making me feel as though I’m part of a bigger and greater MinuteBox family.”

The Tickler Reminder System is a feature that Ana Rosa particularly enjoys. It sends real-time updates to her email, ensuring that corporate compliance needs are met efficiently.

“It’s one-stop shopping, and you’re less inclined to forget about your tasks. The purpose is that it’s there and it’s reminding you to actually complete those tasks.”

Besides the Tickler Reminder System, MinuteBox also provides tools for viewing organizational charts and transparency registers, further consolidating its position as a one-stop solution for entity management.

“MinuteBox is definitely a game changer. You really truly don’t need to venture outside of MinuteBox.”

Loopstra Nixon LLP found their ideal entity management system with MinuteBox, and they haven’t looked back since. If your firm is searching for a cloud-based entity management system that not only meets but exceeds expectations, MinuteBox could be your solution too.

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“MinuteBox is definitely a game changer. It provides me with real-time, live updates right to my email. You really truly don’t need to venture outside of MinuteBox.”

Ana Rosa Da Ponte

Corporate Commercial Law Clerk, Loopstra Nixon LLP