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MinuteBox is "Exceptional" for Fogler Rubinoff LLP

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Practice Type

Corporate Services

Legal Need

A unified cloud-based platform for easier client interaction.

Efficiency Gains

Transition from two separate platforms to a unified one.


Fogler Rubinoff LLP is a law firm based in Toronto, specializing in corporate services with a focus on client interaction and efficiency.


Toronto, Canada


Fogler Rubinoff LLP aims to simplify day-to-day work through efficient, cloud-based solutions.

How Fogler Rubinoff LLP Found Exceptional Customer Service with MinuteBox

Fogler Rubinoff LLP is a Toronto-based law firm specializing in corporate services. Laura Porter, Manager of Corporate Services, talks about how MinuteBox has significantly simplified their day-to-day work.

“MinuteBox stands out for its exceptional customer service. I’ve been in this profession for decades and have never witnessed anything like it.”

Prior to MinuteBox, the firm was using two separate platforms, which complicated their operations. Since the transition, they’ve enjoyed the benefits of a unified, cloud-based system.

“The ease in which you can locate data is exceptional. I am able to access it from my iPad, my phone, anywhere.”

MinuteBox’s cloud-based nature allows Fogler Rubinoff to efficiently interact with clients and quickly locate data, enhancing their overall productivity.

“I love the tool that allows us to provide our clients with access to their records with just a click. It’s exceptional.”

The platform’s client-friendly features and the exceptional customer service from MinuteBox have made it an invaluable asset for Fogler Rubinoff LLP.

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MinuteBox checks all the boxes for us. Being able to provide our clients with access to their records with the click of a button is exceptional.

Laura Porter

Manager, Corporate Services, Fogler Rubinoff LLP