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MinuteBox is "The Game Changer" for Espresso Capital

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Practice Type

Corporate Finance

Legal Need

Real-time entity management and collaboration.

Efficiency Gains

Transition from shared folders to a centralized system.


Espresso Capital is a financing company specializing in technology and innovation sectors.


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Espresso Capital focuses on providing financing solutions and aims to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Why Companies Like Espresso Capital Choose MinuteBox for Real-Time Collaboration

Espresso Capital specializes in providing financing solutions, particularly in the technology and innovation sectors. Ryan Hayes, Associate General Counsel, shares how MinuteBox has been a game changer for them.

“Before MinuteBox, entity management was fragmented. With MinuteBox, we can collaborate both internally and externally in real time.”

Espresso Capital was previously using shared folders for entity management, which made it hard to find documents and keep registers up to date. MinuteBox centralized everything, enabling real-time updates and collaboration.

“MinuteBox’s ease of use is really valuable to us. With basic corporate governance knowledge, even our summer students can start updating things in very little time.”

The flexibility and ease of use of MinuteBox allow Espresso Capital to make quick changes and share information seamlessly. It also provides specific fields for unique data, like tax numbers in Italy, making it a versatile tool.

“What makes MinuteBox stand out is its desire to continue to innovate the product. Every time I speak to them, there’s always a new product on the horizon.”

MinuteBox’s focus on innovation aligns well with Espresso Capital’s own emphasis on being at the forefront of technology. This makes MinuteBox not just a tool, but a partner in Espresso Capital’s journey.

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MinuteBox has made my life easier and less stressful, particularly because it’s so easy to use. They really focus on innovation.

Ryan Hayes

Associate General Counsel, Espresso Capital