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Coinsquare legal department enables remote work with MinuteBox.

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Practice Type

In-house Legal Department

Legal Need

Cloud-based entity management.

Efficiency Gains

Instant and unlimited access to all internal corporate records.


Digital asset exchange looking to change the future of finance.


Toronto, Canada


Legal department to the world's home for digital currency.

Learn how innovative in-house counsel love using MinuteBox.

Prior to adopting MinuteBox, Coinsquare lawyers were forced to contact their external legal counsel whenever they needed information from their own minute books; everything from a single share register to a copy of an entire minute book volume. The process was slow, expensive and often resulted in delays.

For a company so deeply dependent on technology, the Coinsquare legal team sought out a better way. Following a procurement process, MinuteBox was chosen in 2019 to provide entity management services to Coinsquare.

Coinsquare began using MinuteBox in 2019 to accomplish two main objectives:

  1. The centralization of their minute books and corporate records into a single system.
  2. A solution that could become the digital backbone of their in-house legal department.
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“MinuteBox makes it easy to keep our minute books and data organized in an easy-to-access spot, especially since we switched to remote work, this is extremely useful.”

Desiree Smith, Legal Counsel

Corporate Lawyer, Coinsquare