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How These 3 Firms Have Found Success with Minutebox

Digitization of minute books and corporate records makes things more convenient for law firms and their clients. Digitized records are far more secure than paper documents, and there’s virtually zero risk of any files being lost or misplaced, as can be the case with physical records. More importantly, entity management software can help improve client relationships and boost client satisfaction.

Clients have the choice of working with a firm that embraces innovative technology, capable of providing answers to pressing questions in a matter of minutes. They can also work with firms that rely on physical binders of corporate documents to cater to their needs, which requires hours of sorting, filing, and re-filing to uncover answers to potential questions. Which scenario is most likely to lead to satisfied clients and long-term working relationships that support the growth of your own firm?

So what are some examples of how companies have benefitted from entity management software and the digitization of minute book records? Here are three key success stories that will hopefully inspire you to pursue a similar path with your own business.

Bianchi Presta LLP: “exactly as advertised”

Bianchi Presta LLP is a mid-size full-service law-firm that offers top quality legal services in a cost-effective and timely manner. Part of their pledge to fulfill that commitment required a modernized approach to minute book management and corporate record documentation. They wanted an entity management platform that could set the firm up for success.

Following a failed trial relationship with another company, Bianchi Presta LLP turned to MinuteBox as a trusted provider of these solutions. An initial meeting and presentation of how the platform works, as well as honoring commitments to properly train and onboard the Bianchi Presta LLP team, led the firm to implement MinuteBox’s solution.

MinuteBox’s documentation experts arrived on-site at the Bianchi Presta LLP offices. Within a matter of two days, they had uploaded over 3,500 corporate records into the cloud-based platform and successfully onboarded several members of the Bianchi Presta LLP team.

SHTB: Digitized minute book management process

Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier (SHTB) LLP is a full service law firm that works with individuals as well as large, occasionally multinational corporations. For years, they maintained over 2,000 physical minute book records documenting all of their work to support client needs.

Upon learning about entity management software, SHTB saw an opportunity to digitize their minute book archives. Connecting with MinuteBox, their legal team discovered the cost-saving benefits of entity management technology that would reduce office storage space for physical minute book binders.

“It felt like our office space was packed to the rafters with minute books, and we thought ‘what do we do now? What really appealed to us about MinuteBox was that their cloud-based entity management solution was exactly what we needed once we converted our books from physical to digital.”

  • Zeke E. Zimonick, Partner, Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier LLP.

Lewis Birnberg Hanet LLP: “best gift any firm gives clerks”

Lewis Birnberg Hanet, LLP (LBH) is an Entertainment Law Firm serving Canada’s booming film and television industries. Though they rely on technology to conduct vast amounts of legal research for their clients, they were initially reliant on paper-based minute book records to oversee client needs.

Realizing they required a digitized database to keep up with the needs of their clients, LBH learned about MinuteBox as a reliable resource to:

  1. Centralize all client minute books into one digital database

  2. Find instantaneous answers to pressing client questions

The LBH legal team would traditionally spend hours tracking down important client information using manual searches through physical minute book binders. With MinuteBox, searches through important records are completed within a matter of minutes. This allows their team to better service their own clients and support more meaningful relationships with their points of contact.

“MinuteBox is the best gift any firm could give their law clerks. It preserves the look and integrity of the traditional burgundy minute book while also creating a searchable database of your complete collection of binders.”

  • Nora M. Webster, Corporate Law Clerk, LBH

Is your firm ready to embrace the digitization of minute book records? Join the MinuteBox revolution so that you can find the same degree of success as these other firms and build more long-lasting, sustainable relationships with your most valuable clients.