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Help Legal Teams Manage Time With Entity Management Software

Any law firm has an untold number of documents and case files assigned to each and every client. Every one of those records needs to be processed, reviewed, filed, sorted, tagged, and organized. Considering the average law firm has only 2.4 employees, it’s a lot of work that requires a serious time commitment to manage.

At a time when innovative technologies are transforming entire industries, law firms don’t want to be left behind in the race towards modernization. However, the right technology can help legal teams manage their own time more effectively. Let’s break that down a little.

Entity management software automates clerical work

It’s fair to say that one of the biggest time consumers in any firm is clerical work. Since case files and corporate documents include binders upon binders of paperwork, it takes a boatload of time and energy to sort through all those files.

Among the biggest benefits of using entity management software is that it eliminates these tedious clerical tasks. Instead of combing through physical binders of paperwork, legal teams can upload minute books and corporate documents onto cloud-based servers.

The platform organizes the files in standard PDF formats. Built-in sorting and tagging features make it easy for teams to organize the files. The best part is that it eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing any important records. Client satisfaction is a must for retention and business growth; lost corporate documents won’t boost satisfaction rates.

Keep track of important dates and expiries

Another useful asset that comes from entity management platforms is their built-in features and capabilities. One of those features is a built-in calendar designed to update legal professionals on pending dates related to client cases.

Suppose a new subsidiary of a corporation must submit its registration filing by a certain date. The platform reminds the legal team that the date is coming. The date on the calendar functions like a beacon, guiding legal teams on how to proceed and allowing all of the records to be completed in the appropriate amount of time.

Let’s say a regulatory license is due to expire without the proper renewal. The platform gives legal teams plenty of time to prepare for that deadline. All the documentation can be filed, signed, and submitted to the regulatory authorities in the appropriate amount of time.

Think of the entity management platform as a guide to help create a work-back schedule. Knowing that there are key dates and deadlines that must be adhered to, the platform helps teams organize all of the necessary steps that must be taken to ensure those deadlines proceed without incident. It’s a great resource to help teams become more organized, efficient, and effective at servicing clients.

Quickly generate reports summarizing client case files

Another significant time consumer for legal teams is client relations. Cases involving corporate documents are understandably complex. Minute book records for these cases contain hundreds, if not thousands, of files that influence the outcome of the case.

With entity management software, you can create documents that note the location, date, time, and filing of each minute book record into an organized database for reference. The software enables your team to operate in more efficient ways and adopt more streamlined workflows to record valuable information for clients.

The platform also includes advanced search capabilities that allow teams to easily find specific records in a case file, providing deeper insight into the matters at hand. All that search work is completed in a matter of seconds, as opposed to the laborious amount of time that would otherwise be spent combing through binders of physical records to find the file in question. By documenting the storage of the files in your entity management platform, a quick search tells your team where to find the records in question so the information can be uncovered.

Why continue to conduct legal work with outdated tedious approaches? Eliminate the need for paper documents and save your legal team countless hours of working time and energy. Invest in entity management software to modernize minute book management. It’s a more time and resource efficient solution to help teams provide greater service to their clients.