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How Technology Improves Document Automation Workflows

Performance driven legal teams have a burning desire to provide exemplary customer service to their clients. Strong interpersonal client relationships are the bedrock of a firm’s profitability, allowing the business to scale growth by expanding Legal Recurring Revenue.

Using technology to implement document automation is one of the best ways to deliver those strong interpersonal client relationships. In an age where people can uncover immediate answers to their questions, clients expect instant responses to their legal queries.

Why document automation enhances client support

Client minute books, corporate records, and other official documents contain most of those pressing answers. Automated workflows to manage those documents speeds up the delivery process to provide those answers, ultimately improving client satisfaction.

Here’s a scenario: suppose you’re a mid-size corporation with pressing legal needs. You have the option to be represented by two different firms.

Scenario #1: paper documentation

At one of those firms, all minute books and corporate records are stored in paper format. Considering it takes 5 minutes to process a single document within minute books, it takes hours to uncover specific answers to your legal questions. It’s very time consuming, and it leaves your own in-house counsel waiting on important information to protect the interests of the business.

Scenario #2: document automation

At the other firm, they use entity management software to automate legal documentation. It’s a much faster workflow compared to the paper trail process, enabling your legal professionals to uncover pertinent information in corporate records within minutes. Your own team receives the immediate confirmation that they need to move forward with strategic decisions to protect the interests of your business.

Which firm has more satisfied clients?

Time is a luxury that very few can afford, especially when it comes to legal decisions that can impact the future of a business. A firm that embraces document automation as a standard operating procedure can provide immediate legal support, enabling clients to utilize hours of their own time more efficiently and effectively. A business that receives this kind of support is far more likely to be satisfied with their legal representation.

Benefits of using document automation technology

Since document automation is the more effective method to satisfy client needs, how do you utilize technology and deliver those support services? Cloud-based subsidiary management software is the best way to centralize all minute book records, manage subsidiaries, and save valuable time on compliance tasks.

No code document assembly

This is one of the greatest benefits of document automation technology. Large law firms may have in-house IT departments, but many small to mid-sized firms don’t have that luxury. With platforms like MinuteBox, there’s no need for in-house development support.

Enterprise grade scanning services are built right into the platform’s capabilities with no coding or technical expertise necessary to complete the process. Your legal professionals can upload minute book records in minutes into carefully organized files that allow for the seamless management of client needs. This further fulfills the need to provide fast and efficient client support, which will generate ongoing revenue for the firm for years to come.

Maintain up to date shareholder and transaction records

Shareholder ledgers keep track of all outstanding shares owned by different investors and record all important dates pertaining to the sale or transfer of shares. It’s a very important record that also includes personal information about the various shareholders within the company.

By digitizing shareholder ledgers into secure cloud-based platforms like MinuteBox, all of that information is stored under the strictest confidentiality. The platform includes built-in biometric and hardware key authorization security measures to protect any information from leaking to the public or from being shared to unauthorized parties. It also organizes and pulls up all corporate records using advanced search filters and parameters, bringing all relevant information to the screen in mere minutes of searches.

Integrated e-signatures double up efficiencies

Routine compliance tasks are some of the most time consuming aspects of corporate recordkeeping. Using platforms like MinuteBox to automate documentation, you can reduce the time it takes to acquire signatures and approvals to a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

Built-in e-signature workflows make the process of securing approvals much faster and easier. The technology also includes date, time, and location stamps that allow you to document all important information related to the approval of minute book records or the sale of new shares to important investors. It’s the ultimate solution to signature and identity verification that accelerates workflows and boosts client satisfaction.