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How Technology Can Help You Ace An Enterprise Security Review

How Technology Can Help You Ace An Enterprise Security Review

Privacy protection and corporate security have never been so important to an organization’s well-being. Privacy protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, or PIPEDA impose significant financial penalties on companies that abuse or lose their customers’ personal data. Fines can be as large as 2 percent of all global annual revenue from the previous fiscal year.

As more personal and business data is stored on digital servers, enterprise security is paramount for companies to remain compliant with privacy protection laws. Enterprise security not only protects the personal information of individual customers, but it also provides internal and proprietary protection of business secrets and trademarks.

How COVID-19 accelerated the need for enterprise security

The movement towards greater privacy protection and corporate security has been ongoing for many years. Those movements have been further accelerated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rise in remote or work from home policies.

COVID-19 changed the way that people operate in their day to day lives, and more workers, including business owners or executives, are opting to work away from the office. Up to 77 percent of business owners admit they want to access more files remotely, increasing the demand for solutions that support enterprise security on a global scale.

As a result of work from home, more people are using personal computers, tablets, and smartphones to view corporate records and secure documents. Unfortunately, in some cases, people use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access these records, which are easier for hackers to penetrate. Should hackers be able to steal these documents or expose information that compromises the security of a business, that business could be liable for significant financial penalties.

How to use technology to ace enterprise security

As a law firm, your business is responsible for the corporate security of potentially hundreds of different clients. It’s imperative that you provide the convenience and quality of service that business owners expect (i.e., the ability to access files remotely) while still remaining compliant with privacy protection laws.

Entity management software is your best solution to address these growing demands. Cloud-based entity management platforms simplify the way law firms or corporate counsels manage their records and minute books.

They promote greater collaboration, efficiency, and ease of access to important corporate information. Most importantly, they provide end-to-end client security, including unlimited shares of corporate records and minute books as well as integrated e-signature capabilities. With these solutions, you can easily send and receive important documents for review or approvals.

Other benefits of cloud-based entity management solutions

The ability to send and receive minute books in a secure digital environment is the bedrock of what makes entity management platforms so compelling. But there are other benefits that will help your firm continue to provide exceptional service to clients.

Many firms only have a small group of cybersecurity experts at their disposal. Maintaining on-premise servers to protect client data and minute books is not only time consuming, but potentially dangerous.

In a survey of 450 companies early in the COVID-19 pandemic, two thirds admitted their on-premise servers were targeted by cyber hackers that risked exposing corporate information to the public. If your firm was one of those companies, are you confident that you have the cybersecurity experts who have bandwidth to maintain a protective barrier around client data?

Rather than take that risk, you can invest in a cloud-based entity management platform that stores all client data safely in the cloud behind password protected barriers of entry. Not only can your firm increase the security around your clients’ corporate records, but you’ll also improve your bottom line, streamline operations, and create economies of scale that help all legal professionals at your firm contribute to growth.

Ready to make the leap into cloud-based enterprise security? Join the MinuteBox revolution so that you can adapt to changing corporate demands and still provide the highest quality service to all of your clients.