COVID has turned alternatives into necessities in legal tech | MinuteBox Cloud Entity Management

COVID has turned alternatives into necessities in legal tech

Since law school, legal-tech entrepreneur Sean Bernstein has been captivated by alternative ways of doing the business of law. With lawyers now hermitized by COVID, he is seeing many of those alternatives now increasingly being viewed as necessities.

Bernstein co-founded the cloud-based legal entity management software MinuteBox, in 2017. For legal tech software, the pandemic has bolstered business, with legal organizations forced to realize the advantages of cloud-based access to information. Before, while presenting their product to law firms, the common, apprehensive reply was that “someone will always be at the office to get us the information that we need,” says Bernstein.

“Well, it turns out, in COVID times that’s the one thing they couldn’t do. And as a result, their clients suffered, their work product was delayed and they couldn’t deliver what was necessary in order for them to be able to have a good legal practice.”

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