MinuteBox announces acquisition of Conductor; Appoints Brian Hunt CTO | MinuteBox Cloud Entity Management

MinuteBox announces acquisition of Conductor; Appoints Brian Hunt CTO

TORONTO, Canada — MinuteBox, a cloud-based corporate record, minute book and legal entity management platform, announced today it has purchased Conductor, a world-class document generation platform for law firms and legal departments, from NetPleadings. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company has also announced that it will appoint NetPleadings founder Brian Hunt as its Chief Technology Officer, effective immediately.

The acquisition of Conductor, which can automatically generate corporate records, including by-laws, resolutions and annual minutes using a law firm’s own pre-existing precedents, adds to the current suite of offerings by MinuteBox, which services law firms, accounting firms and legal departments in Canada and the United States, offering online minute book and legal entity management software.

“We could not be more thrilled to have Brian joining the MinuteBox team,” said MinuteBox co-founder Daniel Levine. “The technology behind Conductor is truly revolutionary. Brian brings over twenty-five years of experience designing and building world-class computer technology, including some of the most advanced legal and cybersecurity systems on the planet, which our customers demand and deserve. This acquisition greatly accelerates our growth.”

MinuteBox currently offers a secure and robust minute book and legal entity management platform. The company says the acquisition opens the door to advanced document generation and workflow management.

”This acquisition aligns well with our strategy to offer legal professionals one place to easily and securely manage entities, share capital and generate the necessary documents to affect corporate changes. With Conductor, our clients can now generate annual minutes for a corporation in seconds, a process that ordinarily takes hours,” said Levine.

MinuteBox says Conductor’s technology and vision aligns well with its product strategy and further establishes MinuteBox as the leader in cloud security for legal technology.

“With Conductor, we have built a state-of-the-art document generation and legal automation platform,” said Brian Hunt, MinuteBox’s incoming Chief Technology Officer. “By integrating these features into the current MinuteBox platform, we are now able to offer customers the complete end-to-end legal entity management solution in the cloud they have been asking for.”

The company also said that existing Conductor users can continue to use the platform but will soon be migrated over to MinuteBox. The MinuteBox engineering team will now report directly to Brian Hunt.

About MinuteBox

MinuteBox is a leader in the development of technologies that help law firms, accounting firms and legal departments manage corporate records and minute books. MinuteBox is a leader in the cybersecurity of legal technology. The company serves clients throughout Canada and the United States.

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About NetPleadings Inc.

NetPleadings Inc. is a legal technology company specializing in the development of document generation and automation software. Its core focus has been to increase the efficiency of legal professionals. Since 2008, NetPleading’s core product is Conductor, a cloud-based entity management, document generation and automation platform for law firms and lawyers.