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Comprehensive Legal Entity Database

Track Jurisdictions, Governance & Registrations
Track Compliance Dates and Reminders
Stock, Officer & Director Ledgers
Centralize Entity Database and Keep Compliance on Track
Save time with MinuteBox and never miss a compliance deadline again.
Comprehensive Entity Database
MinuteBox's entity database tracks all important compliance dates and provides an advanced tickler for reminders. Easily manage legal entity details, including jurisdiction, year-end date, officers, directors, shareholders, governance, registrations and expiries.
Track Jurisdictions, Governance & Registrations
Never Miss a Compliance Date with Advanced Tickler
Share and Officer & Director Ledgers
Create Entity from Template
Get started quickly with pre-filled templates or create your own custom database tailored to your specific needs.
Pre-filled templates for popular entities
Create custom entity fields
Easy import/export
Time Travel to Previous or Future Dates
Easily view entity details on any date in the past or future. Quickly correct mistakes or analyze your entity's history.
Analyze entity's past or future history
Easy correction of past mistakes
Detailed entity view
See how MinuteBox simplifies legal entity database management
Book a demo and learn how MinuteBox's legal entity database can streamline your entity management and compliance workflows.
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Comprehensive Legal Entity Database

Keep track of every important detail about the entities you manage, including jurisdiction, year-end date, officers, directors, shareholders, governance, registrations, and more.

Automatically track compliance dates
Easily manage officer and director ledgers
Custom views and filters for easy searching

Time Travel and Filtering

Easily filter entities by status, create entities from templates, and travel back and forth through time to see past or future entity states.

Create entities from templates
Dynamic database with easy search and filter
Advanced tickler for reminders

Customizable and Flexible

With MinuteBox's legal entity database, you can customize views and easily perform bulk changes, saving you time and reducing the chance for errors.

Bulk entity changes
Customizable views
Dynamic database with easy search and filter

Simplify Entity Management with MinuteBox

Keep track of all the important details about the entities you manage in one centralized location.

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Everything you need to get started with Legal Entity Management & Corporate Transparency Compliance

Everything you need to get started with Legal Entity Management & Corporate Transparency Compliance

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